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Re: Replacement power supply, who sells them?


Replacement power supply, who sells them?

I am looking for a replacement Power supply for a ReadyNAS RNDP2000.

I believe I am being told that there is an internal power unit inside where the cord plugs into the unit.  There is also a transformer unit that is external to the unit.  Anybody know which one needs to be replaced?  

Model: ReadyNASRNDP2000|ReadyNAS Pro 2 Chassis only
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Re: Replacement power supply, who sells them?

Hi @MarkBdr


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The parts you might be looking for will not be available online for reference since those are internal parts. It might be better if you can bring it to an electronic store for it to be checked.


Unfortunately, NETGEAR does carry these parts not sure if those are available online. But if it's the brick you need, it is widely available.


I would advise getting a new NAS instead it might be worth it than replacing the parts.




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