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Tips To Stay Safe While Online Shopping

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Holiday shopping season is in full effect! While online shopping is convenient and allows you to avoid those big holiday crowds, it’s important to remember that it does come with risks. According to a PCMag survey, 25% of surveyors said they experienced a cyberattack like malware, cred.... Practicing online shopping safety and taking security precautions will help you be a more safe and secure shopper.


Here are a few tips that you can immediately apply for safer online shopping:


  • Shop on sites you are familiar with and have shopped with before. If you do shop with a new retailer, be sure to research it carefully. Also, watch out for fake shopping apps.
  • Make sure the site you are shopping with is secure. You will be able to tell by seeing a closed padlock in the address bar, or a URL beginning with https:// instead of http://.
  • Be aware of phishing scams via emails, text messages, or posts and don’t click on any links. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Use a credit card over a debit card. This gives you more buyer protection in the event of a dispute. Additionally, take that extra step in monitoring your account and review all transactions.
  • Keep your software up to date, from the latest OS on your devices, web browser, and antivirus software. This will help reduce risk of infection from malware.

For even more advanced cyberthreat protection this Holiday shopping season, NETGEAR Armor is a great option to protect all the devices on your WiFI network at home and on the go. Armor actively safeguards you from cyber threats, ransomware, malware, and botnets by actively blocking known malicious sites. With antivirus and ransomware protection, you’ll be kept safe from phishing and online fraud.


To learn more about NETGEAR Armor and to start a FREE Trial on your Nighthawk R6900P or R7000P router, please visit:


Do you have any additional tips for safer online shopping? Let us know below!

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Re: Tips To Stay Safe While Online Shopping

Well, a good start would it be if NETGEAR Armor would become available (as promised in the press release from early January 2018) on Orbi and all Nighthawk routers. This would cover at least a major part of your customers, and not just one router platform (R8900P/R7000P).

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Betreff: Tips To Stay Safe While Online Shopping

Thanks a lot

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