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Updating Armor Error in Orbi App


Updating Armor Error in Orbi App



I am having issues with my Netgear Armor subscription. My subscription was expiring this month, so I bought a new subscription last month as there was a deal going on. Now that the old one is expired, when I go into the Orbi app and go to my subscriptions, it shows this new subscription, and the old one is no longer there. The issue is that on the main dashboard for the Orbi app, when I click Armor, I get an error message "ARM-PYMT-EXP" and it just says "Updating Armor" under the Armor icon on the app. 


I accessed my armor account via the web, and it says my devices are protected, but when I go to my subscriptions, it has Armor listed as expired. 


I called support and the gentleman said the subscription was active, so he closed the ticket.


My new subscription started on April 15. I have tried deleting the Orbi app and reinstalling it, rebooting my router, toggling auto-renew, but nothing has worked. 

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