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Without a paid subscription to Armor I get no performance


Without a paid subscription to Armor I get no performance

Netgear Armor: After correcting the above and running out of options I decided to turn the Netgear Armor (30 day trial version) back on and what happens to my complete suprise? I start getting all of my full speed back to what it was with the Comcast router/modem 950, (once I got 1100 from the Comcast XB7 but normally it was always 950). I am pretty disappointed that I am forced to use a pay for Armor subscription to get the full use of my device. Had I known that, I never would have bought it but now that I am hundreds of $$$'s deep into their products what choice do I have? I bought thier device to get out from unerneath the foot of an overbearing and intrusive IPS provider only to jump neck deep into and under thiers. You can't win.


Scammed: I felt like I did a lot of research before my purchase but next time the first thing I'm going to check is if there are tier speed limitations, they advertise speeds up to 10gbs! Wireless speeds up to 2.5Gbs! only to discover that the IPS provider will only recognize it as below 1Gb which will block you from using the best options, never in a million years did I expect this and I feel completely duped by Netgear with the false and misleading claims, shiny packaging, and hidden subscription fees that unless purchased will keep your speeds 10x below what they advertise and 1/5 of the provider speed you are paying for and you STILL can't use all the options.


Misleading Lies: What is the point of having your product certifed by Comcast when you can't use the features of the router? Worse yet Netgear knows it! Digging through thier website will reveal that they acknowledge it is only recognized by Comcast at 800Mbs yet they keep that tidbit of infromation under wraps, and certainly don't make any mention of it on thier packaging or in thier manual but clearly they are more than well aware as they list it on their website and boast their Comcast certification! That's nothing but an out and out purposeful misleading LIE while suckering you into buying their product with the promise of all these wonderful and amazing capabilites of thier device that they know you won't be able to use. I am just sickened by Comcast and now Netgear, this has been nothing but the worst, most time consuming effort in futility I have ever experienced that only resulted into zero beneift and forking out more cash to get right back to the exact same place and slightly less coverage (depsite using their mesh extender that is constantly blocked by Armor! Seriously, WTF is that?!?). The only positive side is that I hate Comcast so much that it's still satisfying to screw them in the process even if that means getting screwed by Netgear. 




And if you know a way from me to get around being provisioned by Comcast, or how to get the router to use the ODFMA capabilites please let me know! 

Model: R7900|Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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Re: Without a paid subscription to Armor I get no performance

Armor should have no effect on the speeds you are getting from the router. How are you doing the speed tests? what is the speed that you are paying for from Comcast?

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Re: Without a paid subscription to Armor I get no performance

With Armor off I get 250... with it on I get 950.. my speed is 1.2 ... no amount of tweaking changes this fact. With it on, full speed, with it off, 25% 

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