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error code arm-pymt-exp on netgear nighthawk RAX50


error code arm-pymt-exp on netgear nighthawk RAX50

Spoke with customer support, but I’m not confident in what he said, as I have yet to receive email confirmation.  Still getting this error, when I click on the app and try to go to Netgear armor,  he said it’s an error on Netgear side but I want to make sure the subscription I’ve been paying for is protecting my network. I haven’t had this router a year, my previous router is still with my ex, I deactivated the subscription on that router and activated new subscription on this router, but on my account it shows the armor subscription inactive, but the customer service rep said it was activated on his end.  I just want to make sure it activated on my end as well and the previous router (which shows active) inactive.  Why is this so difficult?!  Through the app it shows a case open case id 46724916 as pending.

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