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I have a very simple question: I have a R6250 I bought last year. My service now is 3Mbps but I would like to upgrade it to at least 18Mbps. Is this router suitable for the upgrade?



this router can easily support up to 300mbps speed it an ac router so no need to worry about you can go ahead with an upgrade....




what does it mean when it says "offline".   I see no picture"















Hi everyone just joined, in desperation may I say,

Purchest Nighthawk AC1900 WIFI VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D7000 basically to improve my existing Sky Hub Internet speed

I have spent the last 48hours literally trying to set it up. Iknow U must assume nothing but I think all Leads r physically connect ok. All lights r White on Router except Internet which is Red

I am trying to set up Log in using IPad so confused not sure that is ok now

I have had numerous Log in attempts but not there

Can anyone help please ? I thought I was Not too bad at Technology for my age, 70, but this is proving I may have been deluding myself

thanks in Anttissipation 



G'day folks, this is my first post, so don't know if this is even the right space to be in. After installing my D6000 wireless modem it seemed like a good thing to do would be to change my user name and password for the router login from 'admin and password' to something a tad more sophisticated. Changing the password was easy and apparently successful. Now I can no longer get into '' with either the new password or the old one. The router is working fine for now but if I need to make any changes in future I'm locked out.

Any ideas how to proceed? 


just bought R7000 and my WIFI Connection shows status NOt Enabled. how do i enable it?  the lights ont the unit are OFF. HELP


The outdoor mount that came with my new system Model VMA1000 has a design defect or manufacturing issue.  I have an open case on this now. The issue is you can't attache to the camera because the threads are not long enough to attached with more than one thread on the screw. It's a mechanical issue.

This is what I just update on the open Support Case # 27556904


"The mount part number is VMA1000, not VBM3000 as you had listed. I have no clue what a VBM3000 is. 

In the 2 pictures i sent, you will see with the white round plastic locking nut fully screwed down and only 3 threads in the screw exposed to screw into the camera. If you look at the cameras receiving hole, the metal thread part,  this screws into, is recessed by enough that at best only one thread can be used. This is not usable. A reasonable design with have at least 4 to 5 threads engaged.

The White plastic nut has to be shorter (to expose more threads) or the metal screw longer.

Please find one that does not have this issue and rush it to me so I can mount my camera outside."


arlo VMA1000 defect pic 1 of 2.jpg

arlo VMA1000 defect pic 2 of 2.jpg



Hello. Would like to know if Nighthawk AC1200 router can be used as a repeater for the Nighthawk AC1900 modem/router?


Good Morning,


Just seeking clarification to the Tech Support - RMA process: product is beyond 90days of purchase date, i need to pay the 89.99 tech support fee, if the tech can not get my N300 to work correctly, i am not charged the 89.99 and then the tech will supply me with a RMA?


Thanks for clearing this up - big roll of the dice to pay a tech support fee 3x what i paid for the original device - but just making sure this is the Netgear process.





Hi, I don't know if this is okay to post this here.

I'm not a technical person. I could really use some help.

First things, First...

I have been unable to go any further with connecting my router, since I got my Netgear WN2500RP *100NAS* , last December of 2015.

I registered my wifi extender with Netgear, but have lost the email & password. I have my receipt. I tried to enter my s/n, but it says it's already registered. It's registered  to me, my name, no one else.

I stopped trying to connect  it, once I lost my info.

I'm at it again, but asking for help.

How can I get this straightened out?

Have any idea's my friends.

Thank you...



I have an Arlo Q.. all of a sudden my video playbacks are only two or three seconds long. Something I can do?  Thank you


i bought a samsung tracfone. wifi signal connects to phone and shows it connected but i cant go on internet. i went to another house and it connected perfectly. the only way i can surf in my home is with mobile data. is there something im missing. i have a n600 wireless dual band router model WNDR3400.


Jusy bought an SWV 733 A1repeater. Can't find anything on the site about this model. Can it be used to simply extend the boadband from my router, using the same signal?



Just got a new D7000 router and after managing the setup I was move to the Netgear registration page where I was asked to submit my details . email etc; when I got to the “your country” section my own Country (Isle of Man) was not on the list and so I clicked on UK as my country. The software rejected this Country and would not let me continue with the registration. After trying a few alternatives I found that I could only register if I said Germany was my country (our local ISP is often thought to be German??). Then messaged the help line to ask if they could change my registration Country to UK. The reply came back and my account had been changed but I was give a little reminder that;

“You have contacted the German-speaking NETGEAR Technical Support. We are able to support you only in this particular language”.

They replied in English so I must thank the German team for their support.



I have a R6400. My service is 1000Mbps. The real download speed is always less then 500 Mbps.

It is possible to obtain more ? Do i have to buy other router?


I have an R8000.  I recently increased my speed with the ISP to 100 Mbps (from 30).  I tested the speed going from the cable modem to the computer wired and average between 95-105 download with 9-12 upload.  However, when I connect to the router, my speeds (wired) drop to between 30-40 download and 2-3 upload.  Why would I lose so much speed, especially using wired ethernet?  Ideas for things for me to check would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


I have a CG3000dv2 and have been having problems recently with it going in and out of connection.  Spectrum reccomends that I check my channels for optimization.  What is the best settings for optimal wifi connections?


Ihave a R7800 Router that I use for work. I am trying to connect my IP Phone set up with the router the modem see the IP phone but cant connect. 

Any Ideas Tech support no help.






I question about security. First, I have a Frontier Internet that I was using with the Actiontec router. I have interferrence on my line and so decided to go back to my N750. I am unable to use my WestTec modem. Not sure the reason becasue Frontier's help page reads I can. So I set up the Frontier Actiontec as my modem and ran the ethernet to the N750 Netgear router.


I am connecting though Netgear. When I check my router admin I can only view the N750. The ActionNet admin webpage reads the router is not there. When I check the N750 tab for Devices I see only the Netgear. My question is: Can an invisible connection occur through my ActionTec to my Internet without my detecting the connection in my Netgear router because I am using the modem? I want to make sure my network is secure.


Also, reading through the N750 tabs. Under the Wireless tab, the section for Mode: I selected the default 450Mbps. For a residential router is this a good selection? Am I broadcasting too much?


Finally, I leave the router on all the time. I have read some posts that suggest an extra security measure is to turn off the router when not in use. Any thoughts?


Thank you!! for your help,


Hello, I am new to this forum. I have bought a Netgear R7800 wiFi router. I am installing it and I have a question. I need VNC server to work on my Mac mini and it states that I should have TCP port 5900 forwarded. What are the precise steps I have to follow?


I already found my answer. It is all in the excellent user manual published by Netgear on the web. It was not to be found in the boox, though. I had to search for it. All is working now.

I have just purchased AC1200 wifi modem D6200 and when I try to set it up it cannot find the internet connection. It gives a message saying the DSL cable is not connected, which it is. We currently have NBN to the node, so is linked in through the existing phone line with a splitter for the ADSL. When I plug back in the existing modem it works fine. From what I can see the everything is plugged in correctly.  I can't get past the first step of the set up at the moment. Any idea why this is not working?


Hi Folks

I have an R8000 and I've been looking at the DLNA server portion but have a few questions I haven't been able to find answers for.


How should the external drive be formatted, Fat, ExFAT?


Does the DLNA server support MAC OSX disk formats?


I have a small hard drive connected now with a few movies on it to test. I can see the drive from my TV, tablet and phone but when I access it I cannot see the movies I have stored on that drive. The movies are in a standard mp4 video format.





Dear Team, am using Netgear dongle in my laptop for past 1 year and it is working fine. I would like to further use it as WIFI hubspot so that  internet can be accessed from my mobile also. Please advise what of kind of settings are required for the same.

I have no idea how this works,but I need some help? I bought a NightHawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band WiFi Router Model# R8000,thinking all I gotta do is plug it in! After talking to my Internet Provider (I have DSL) They state I need to get a Modem,they only give out "RENT" combination WiFi Modem/Routers!!! Oh yes I forgot to add CenturyLink is the Provider and the Model they rent me is a C1100Z-ZyXel. My question is.....What is the best DSL Modem I can buy,preferably "NetGear"I do not wish to switch over to high-speed cable,any techy's got any good advice without wisecracks!!!!! My rented combo is wired to a Dell XPS 8900,and I have IPhones,Smart TV's "SamSung"childs laptop,tablets....etc. They state this rented combo will conflict with my new R8000.....? Please reply,anybody with knowledge????Oh yah I bought this new router from BestBuy a couple days ago Nov 25,2016. Thanks and GOD BLESS. Reason I bought it was,I was hoping it would make my NetFlix stop buffering. And give our other electronic devices better performance.


If you have a modem/wireless router already you can setup your R8000 as an "access point". Connect the R8000 WAN port to an Ethernet port on your C1100Z. Download the Netgear Genie application and select "access point" as the method of installation. If possible it wouldn't hurt to disable the "wireless" part of your C1100Z. As for your buffering issue, you never mentioned the bandwidth of your DSL service. Sounds like you have a large number of wireless devices. If you don't have adequate bandwidth available, especially if more than one is streaming at any one time, you will see buffering from Netflix or other services. The R8000 has the capacity to handle your "wireless" load but ultimately the end performance will be governed by the available bandwidth.




Hi Everyone...please can somebody help me. I have the netgear wifi range extender WN2000RPT : using the wps button still seems very weak signal but now I wish to try via using cable on the back of the main router to the extender.


I seem to find strong streangth but cannot browse? what's going on? PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME??


As a registered owner of a new R7000 router, why didn't I hear about this from Netgear?


I just purchased a Nighthawk 1900 to replace a WNDR4300, that was about 1.5 years old because I 'thought' it was going bad.

I'm using the Netgear routers with an IP company provided, cable Modem, for a home wireless network. I have a 80'X60' single story home, Concrete block and brick exterior with a small 600sf apartment on the opposite end of the home, from the cable Modem. 

I've never had much luck with whole home WIFI, even with wireless routers, and repeaters/range extenders or a combination of all.

I'd tried them in different rooms, and different locations in each room, but no luck getting wireless connection throughout the house.
Then last year, I put the router in the attic, right in the middle of the house.  It worked great.  I run a cable from the modem to the router, then everyone connects wirelessly, to the router.

MY main use of the router is to play on-line, PC-based games.  My spouse and the neighbor in the apartment uses it for on-line, work-related projects. Within the last 8 - 10 months, I started losing Internet connectivity, intermittently. Never more than a minute or so, and it would automatically reconnect.  But gradually the disconnections increased.  At first, it was once every couple of weeks.  Now, it is every day, 2 - 3 times an hour.  At first, I thought it was the game, so I ran several diagnostics with them.  Then I tried other games.  But everything came back negative.  Then, the neighbor in the apartment mentioned they were having problems, then my spouse purchased a new laptop, and is having the same problem.  

Within the last 8 - 10 months, I started losing Internet connectivity, intermittently. Never more than a minute or so, and it would automatically reconnect.  But gradually the disconnections increased.  At first, it was once every couple of weeks.  Now, it is every day, every hour, 2 - 3 times an hour.  At first, I thought it was the game, so I ran several diagnostics with them.  Then I tried other games.  But everything came back negative.  Then, the neighbor in the apartment mentioned they were having problems, then my spouse purchased a new laptop, and is having the same problem.  

So, finally, last Saturday (2 days ago), I replaced the WNDR with the Nighthawk.  The first day, I had no down time.  Then yesterday, it started again. I've tried scanning for virus' with multiple providers, upgraded from WIN 7 to WIN 10, upgraded laptop from win 8 to WIN 10, nothing seems to have any effect.  


Hi everyone,


I have had a Netgear Wireless-N 600 Router with DSL Modem DGND3700v2 for some years and it works just fine.


When I log in to the router from my PC and check the "Attached Devices" I get a list of familiar devices around my home with their IP Address and MAC Address but there is also a device named LOCALHOST. I've no idea what it is unless it is the router itself – it always has the same MAC Address but usually doesn't have an IP Address.


I am just curious to know what "LOCALHOST" might be especially as it is listed under "Wireless Devices (Wireless intruders also show up here)". Does anyone else have this listed in their attached devices and does anyone know what it is?


I have a Netgear R6400 wifi router with two MyCloud drives connected to a netgear hub, which is connected to the router via ethernet cable. I can't access the MyCloud drives. It asks for a username and password and didn't accespt my log in to the MYy Cloud software so I put my router log in, which it appeared to accept. But nothing happened other than the spinning Win 10 icon. Amy help appreciated.

Hello everyone, new to this blog. I have installed a Netgear Nighthawk R8300 router and now my Nest thermostat will not work remotely through the nest app. Has anyone else had this issue and any ideas on what to do will be much appreciated.


i have a new netgear C7000.  When I connect directly to the modem it gets 200 mps plus.  when I check the speed wireless it only gets 38 to 40 mps.  Is this normal??????




Not another Newbie.

Hi to anyone that might be of help.  I am a Newbie and very overwhelmed with all the possible features of my R6400 1750 router.  Stuff like ReadyShare Vault, Genie, ReadyCloud ...  Where should I start?  Where do I find the videos that I think are available?


Just applied the new firmware update to my R8500. While I was looking forward to a well needed update, it still lacks the Open VPN feature that competing Tri-band routers have. Come on Netgear!!! Implement this feature in a new firmware. I don't find the current vpn option viable to such an extreme router. Glad to know you guys still at least supporting some fixes/enhancements. Does anyone else agree?

can anyone help me set up my r7000




I have a NetGear wi-fi router. It works fine however somewhere along the way I misplaced directions on how to access the internal workings of the router that would allow me to do things like put time restrictions for certain devices that are currently using the router to access the internet. How do I go about doing this?


Having difficulty logining in to Netgear 3400v3  using:  but doesn't seem to connect. any suggestions?



Hello: I'm new here and I need your help. I got a Netgear N300 WiFi Router

and a Amazon kindal Fire for Christmas.The password on the bottom of the

router is not right I'm told by my tablet. I've reset both a couple of times. I'm

getting no where. My kindle says "WiFi is turned on, but is not connected to

a network." I'm not an electronic savy person. I don't understand all the

complications. Can someone help me please before I blow a gasket? And at

63, it would not be pretty.




You see the name of the network on the Fire tablet, right? and it matches what's on the bottom of the router?


On the Fire, to reset the password, you basically have to delete the connection and start over.


Was the router refurnished? Can you log on to the router and see what is in there for the wifi password? When you say you've reset both, you mean you have pushed and held the reset button on the router, right?



Help with connecting Fire stick to my router please.

i have a DGN1000 N150 router i have put in the security number when prompted but fire stick is not recognising it  also tried using WPS button to try and connect but that also failed. Any help appreciated.


Do you hear the crickets in this forum?  Chirp Chirp Chirp


Cannot add my tv upstairs does anyone know how to add a device?


"Do you hear the crickets in this forum?  Chirp Chirp Chirp"


Maybe that's because it is a pretty useless forum - no way to reply to or separate individual threads or chat.


does any one know why my router have amber light flasing when tivo little box is hooked up to it 



Smiley Sad Hello, Netgear, my name is Ralph, I have a N600 wireless dual band router, Model #:= WNDR3400v3, S/N= DCEF09A161E2. I DON'T know how to hook this up to my PC and Centurylinks Modem (My ISP), their modem is a ZYXEL model#=PK500IZ, if that helps any? You have my email address, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me an email telling me how to set this thing up, I'm really not sure I have all of what I need too hook it up, as in cables, and so on, I have the charger and the Router, that's about it, but I can go to town and get what I need if you will tell me exactly what I do need?  I guess that's about it, have a nice day, hope I here from you tomorrow.

                                                               Thanks, so much Ralph


I have a N600 router.   I do not have cable or landlines phone.   can I set the router up through a MIFI Jetpack?



I am surprised with Netgear support !!!! I got a gift a month ago NETGEAR PTV 3000. I tried to get it connected to my devices for the whole month, could not get connected, and there is no help available. I called Netgear support today, they told me that this product was manufactured in 2014, and need the software update, which is only possible if I purchase a $199.00 service for one year. This product is brand new, and never been used. Approximate price is $50.00. To get it connected should I spent $199.00 ? I am going to through it to garbage. Sorry to say, but Netgear SUCKS.