NETGEAR CES 2017 Wrap Up!

by Papadopulos NETGEAR Employee on ‎2017-01-23 10:31 AM - last edited on ‎2017-01-23 10:47 AM by Tim77 Administrator

Another CES has come and gone, and the 2017 show was a big one for NETGEAR. After 20 years of manufacturing products primarily focused on networking, NETGEAR introduced new offerings that expand on what a connected world can bring to consumers and small business. With the acquisition of a smart analytics company and the integration of machine learning into the company’s line of Arlo Smart HD Cameras, the connected world takes on a whole new meaning full of new capabilities.


NETGEAR took six innovation awards to start off the new year, for the Orbi Tri-Band Wifi System, our Nighthawk X8 AC5300 Modem Router (D8500), and all three of the new Arlo Cameras -- the Arlo Pro Wire Free HD Smart Security Camera, the flexibility of the Arlo Go Mobile Camera with 4G LTE, and the adorable new Arlo Baby Smart HD Baby Monitoring Camera, and finally a Best of Innovation award for the Nighthawk X10 AD7200 (R9000) Smart WiFi router. 




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Arlo Baby debuted at CES2017 with recognition from the several members of the media in an unusual new category of cutest technology, such as this Popular Science article:  ‘Here's the cutest tech of CES 2017.’  


NETGEAR introduced several new product firsts as well, such as the Nighthawk S8000 8-Port Gaming and Streaming Switch, for all your home gaming and streaming needs, and the Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem (C7100v) for Xfinity Internet and Voice, which is the first gateway cable modem router to be offered with voice in retail. For small office, home office and professional AV applications,  NETGEAR introduced new and innovative mounting system for the  Click Switch 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed PoE+ (GSS108EPP) and the Easy-Mount 8-port Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Web Managed Switch (GS408EPP) offer ultimate flexibility so that PoE+ ports are available exactly where needed while saving valuable rack space and allowing for future expansion.  NETGEAR also showcased the first ultra-high speed cable Modem, utilizing the new DOCSIS 3.1 cable technology, CM1000, a modem certified by Comcast for Gigabit Internet to the home. 


For a recorded report of CES, visit the NETGEAR CES podcast series to listen to interviews with some of the NETGEAR product management team and influencers who  visited NETGEAR during the show.


We have many of our newly introduced offerings come to fruition later this year, like the integration of Amazon® Alexa™ with your Nighthawk routers and the Orbi WiFi system. We believe that 2017 is going to be another year of innovative for NETGEAR, so stay tuned and keep in touch.


by RM4Nighthawk Novice
on ‎2017-01-25 10:34 AM

Hi everyone! New to the forum and excited to be part of it. Netgear and Arlo are slowly helping me make my home a purist's SmartHome and by my own measures and my own speed. So thanks in advance Netgear!


I have the Arlo system and base station which is tethered to my Nighthawk X6 (Love it!) and have great coverage. I was able to log in and view my property and garage while in Dublin, Ireland and New Delhi, India... truly a marvelous product. 


Main question! 

I am going to upgrade to Arlo Pro (5 cam) with the new base station.... but I was hoping that I could still use my original 3 Arlo Cameras and just keep the old cameras and base station in my garage to watch over the rides while have the more superior Arlo Pros watch over the house. If I do this, both systems will be operating out of the Nighthawk. Will this cause any issues with signal, interference.... will I still be able to log into the Arlo app on my Computer and iPhone and see all my cameras operational or will I have to log into seperate Arlo sites. I was thinking of adding one Arlo Q Camera (need one area to be 24/7 monitored) as well and have the same question.... will have more infrstructure.... slow my system down and not be seamlessly integrated with the app so as to show me a myriad of angles of my home, garage and perimeter ? 


I appreciate your advice and thanks for all of your time ! 




by Papadopulos NETGEAR Employee
on ‎2017-02-28 03:37 PM

Smiley Wink R - so happy to learn  you are enjoying your NETGEAR Nighthawk and the Arlo Wire-free cameras. This area is really reservedd for questions about the blog posting, but your questions are easy enough. Yes, you can continue to use your exiting cameras with the new Arlo Pro base station and vice versa. If you simply would like to add one or two new Arlo Pros, you can purchase the cameras individually and they will work with your existing Arlo Wire-free base station. 


The app also works across all of the same platforms and continues to work with all Arlo cameras.