Take on our Orbi Challenge!

by T_Kazempour NETGEAR Employee ‎2017-03-15 10:18 AM - edited ‎2017-03-15 11:26 AM

It has been nearly 6 months since NETGEAR introduced the world to Orbi, our Tri-band WiFi system that works to ensure you get fast whole home WiFi coverage in an area up to 5000 square feet.  Even if you have one of those households with a dozen or more devices running at the same time, Orbi will put an end to competing for bandwidth for every connected device. Say goodbye to the dreaded buffering and dead spots. 


Last month NETGEAR launched our Orbi Challenge campaign, where we are encouraging people to tell us about their WiFi woes and why they need an Orbi. The lucky winners receive an Orbi to experience for themselves how Tri-band WiFi can improve network connectivity in their homes.  



When the press got their hands on Orbi and started to put it to the test, it immediately became evident that Orbi was a different kind of WiFi system.  Just to name a few: PCMag awarded Orbi with their Editor’s Choice award, CNET called it “the best WiFi system on the market”, and SmallNetBuilder concluded that it was “simply the best solution available right now”.


Bloggers and influencers alike have also been raving about this new way to address challenging WiFi environments, as in this video where Lamarr Wilson set up the Orbi at his friends’ house, which vastly improved their WiFi experience.


With all this amazing feedback, NETGEAR was compelled to spread the word further. No one should have to live with a subpar wireless network connection.  (Sure, it may be a first world problem… but tell that to the tortured soul staring at a continuously buffering screen instead of enjoying a YouTube clip of baby bunnies jumping on puppies…)


We have asked people to send us video entries about why their WiFi is the worst, and why they need an Orbi. NETGEAR will then select winners to send units to, to test out for themselves and see how much their WiFi can improve. 


The response has been overwhelming!  Within the first 2 weeks, we received over 1200 submissions from people who are tired of waiting on their lagging WiFi.  We’re busy choosing winners, and are sending Orbi WiFi systems to solve the whole home WiFi equation. There is still time to submit your entry. 


The contest runs through March 30th, so submit now and join the Orbi WiFi revolution!