Time to say goodbye to Wifi Dead Zones - The New Orbi WiFi System is Now Shipping

by Papadopulos NETGEAR Employee on ‎2016-09-26 12:25 PM

Just announced on August 22nd, the new Orbi WiFi System by NETGEAR will be available from major electronic resellers this week. The Orbi WiFi System is designed to overcome the challenges you might have faced with getting a WiFi signal to cover the entirety of your property. With the use of Tri-band WiFi technology, the Orbi router and Orbi satellite have the benefit of a virtual wire that is capable of extending your WiFi signal from the basement to your attic from the front porch to pool-side. Experience the benefits of having your broadband WiFi everywhere with one network name (SSID) and the advanced security you need to keep your network secure.


We’ve done the first official unboxing of Orbi, watch the video to see the reveal of what’s inside.


by Hankmack Novice
on ‎2016-09-26 04:30 PM

I currently have a modem with a built in router.Will I have to also get a new modem otherwise wouldn't I have conflicts?

by DarrenM NETGEAR Moderator
on ‎2016-09-27 08:12 AM

Hello Hankmack 


Most combo units have a mode that will make them a modem only you will have to check for that option.



by Papadopulos NETGEAR Employee
on ‎2016-10-18 03:31 PM


Orbi will act as an accesspoint if you have a gateway modem/router from your service provider or even in the event that you do not wish to purchase a new modem.