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Re: Devices consistently go offline but quickly come back online


Devices consistently go offline but quickly come back online

Going off of this post here.



We now have 15-20 devices deployed at a few restaurants that regularly go offline, but usually come back online quickly. Is there a way to tell the difference between an actual outage and one of these missed "heartbeats"?


I've always thought they were fine cause the uptime stayed consistent, but I've also had complaints that the wifi has been spotty. We recently doubled the number of APs because we underestimated the number of clients, so I'm kinda hoping the two were unrelated, but just trying to verify.

ETA -  We have seem to have less problems now that we have BR200s instead of the default ISP router, but it still happens. There are WAX 615s, 620s, and 610ys on the networks and I haven't noticed one dropping more than the others. I'm typically not on site when it happens though.

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Re: Devices consistently go offline but quickly come back online

you can book mark


to see NETGEAR services status.


Routers, switches and AP work even when devices are not connected to Insight.

one way to isolate ISP issues is to keep pings going between one of AP/switch and google/insight server.


you can also tweak the data rates allowed so that clients will roam to the nearest AP better.


NETGEAR also provides complementary Wi-Fi Design services.  Please reach out before any new installations to NETGEAR's prowifidesign team.    They can run professional planner tools and tell you how many AP are needed for given space and client count.




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