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Nighthawk MR 60 Mesh


Nighthawk MR 60 Mesh

I have been immensely disapointed with the way devices connect to this system. Practically ruined my sonos setup and have to put a router next to and hard wire each speaker or it will not work. Now issues with HP printer and having to buy a 4th add on satelite router to work with the 3 router nighthawk system. A very expensive option to not have ease of use with normal everyday devices. I would not recommend spending the money on this product as it provides enough bandwidth but the software on many devices like sonos and printers will not all ow you to use them properly or wirelessly. What is the point of a wireless router and then having to hard wire EVERYTHING. This device sucks

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Re: Nighthawk MR 60 Mesh

sonos has issues with mesh systems. If you google in their forums, theres all kinds of issues with mesh systems and extenders.

You can blame netgear if you want but  it stems from Sonos.

many find that if they only connect a single sonos device that supports their sonos network to the main mesh hub (rbr), the rest can connect. 

But I'd google on sonos's forums for the best setup for their devices. 

what issue are you having with the HP printer? 

How big is your home? 

What materials is it made from? (certain materials block wifi)


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Re: Nighthawk MR 60 Mesh

@plemans thanks for the response. I am now having issues with a HP Laser pro printer. The printer will connect to the wifi network but our computers will not print to it as it says the printer is unavailable. Its the same issue I have with sonos you could not see the speaker was connected. My iphone will print to it but my macbook wiill not nor will any PC in the whole house. On the same network but it must be a mesh system as likely each device is hooked to a different mesh router. I do blame the router as there was nothing anywhere in researching this device on forums and elsewhere to suggest a user would potentially have issues with every other device linked to the network. Any suggestions are welcome i am not excited about adding another $129 sateliite add on router just to run a printer that should print wirelessly without effort

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Re: Nighthawk MR 60 Mesh

What modem/gateway is the mesh system connected to? 

What firmware is on the router? 

How big is your home? 

What materials are your home made from?

If you power off the sonos system, do you have issues with other devices? 

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Re: Nighthawk MR 60 Mesh

@tsebra wrote:

  I am now having issues with a HP Laser pro printer. The printer will connect to the wifi network but our computers will not print to it as it says the printer is unavailable

Sometimes it is useful to take a step-by-step approach to printer problems.


  • Verify that the printer is connected to the Orbi WiFi network.
    The printer control panel should indicate 'connected' and
    The printer should show up in the Orbi web interface Attached Devices display.
  • My own practice is to assign an IP address to things like printers, NAS, etc.  Once a computer has "learned where the printer is", I do not want it moving to a different IP.
    The web interface, Advanced Tab, Setup Menu, LAN Setup provides a table to enter the printer MAC address and designated IP.
  • With the printer showing in Attached Devices, my next step would be to ping the printer.
  • My Epson printer has a web management page used for things like monitoring ink levels, updating firmware, etc.
    I believe HP Printers have a similar web interface.
    Open a web browser to http://<ip of printer>
  • At this point, I would follow the directions in the HP User Manual for setting the printer up in Wiindows or MacOS.
    It may be necessary to remove the previous printer definition and start over.

My Epson prints from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones that are connected to the primary router and to satellites.


Perhaps it would be helpful to know the specific model of HP printer and how it was set up in the computer.


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