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4TB Disks for Ultra 2+


4TB Disks for Ultra 2+

So at present the HCL only lists the Hitachi 7k4000 HUS724040ALE640 as compatible.

Now this is the Ultrastar device (HUS) and retails at around £250 a disk? The Ultrastar range is offered with a 5 year warranty and 2.0 million hours MTBF. The HCL only indicates the Warranty as 3 years. So are they referring to the Deskstar product HDS724040ALE640 which is offered with a 3 year warranty and retails at around £182 (I can actually get in Ireland for €183 incl VAT)?

So what is the difference between the UltraStar and DeskStar 7K4000 disks - is it just the 2.0 million hours MTBF for Enterprise level usage? Now sure I need the disks warranted for 228.3 year's use.

It sounds like WD Red 4TB have issues. I currently have a pair of 6 month old 2TB WD Red in my Duo (at 83% capacity), that are working fine, and an old (~5 years) pair of 1TB WD Blacks now in USB enclosures connected to an old NSLU2 as backup NAS (at 89% capacity each)

Is there a better 4TB disk for the Ultra 2+? I have bought this NAS 2nd hand, with a 2GB memory upgrade, so there is no Warranty issues to consider.

Ultra 2+ with Pro 2 extensions - 8TB volume (WD Reds)
Ultra 2 with Pro 2 extensions - 6TB volume (WD Reds)
Duo - 2TB volume (WD Reds)
Linksys NSLU2 (unslung) 2 * 1TB volumes (WD Black's)
USB 3.0 1TB WD Blue
APC UPS USB connection to Duo with network monitor
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Re: 4TB Disks for Ultra 2+

Maybe the SeaGate 4TB NAS disk would be a good buy.
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Re: 4TB Disks for Ultra 2+

WDC now provides a supported tool for changing the head parking thresholds on the newer WDC Reds. With that tool, it is probably ok to use them also.

The Seagate drives are a little newer, and have slightly better specs.

Be careful on mix/match with the Seagates though. I think some of the drives in their NAS lines have a slightly lowered number of sectors from usual. The sizes need to match exactly to get mix and match. I recall a posting in this forum on that subject, you might search for it.
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Re: 4TB Disks for Ultra 2+

Thanks for the pointers - looking at the Seagate NAS 4TB disks, which are currently on Amazon.co.uk for £133.90 each.
Will be buying a pair together, so no mix/match issues.
Heh - why doesn't the HDD manufacturers etc. provide pairs, 4 & 6 'matched sets' from the same manufacturing run with sequential SNs, for NAS usage?

Also ordered a Fractal 'Silent Series' 92mm Fan to replace the OEM item (Delta afb0912hh), which has a rated noise of 38 dB-A (max 41) whereas the Fractal (FD-FAN-SSR2-92) is rated at 12.5 dB-A
I replaced the OEM in my Duo with a 60mm Fractal one and the drop in operating noise was significant, though being much smaller was probably having to work much harder than the 92mm in the Ultra Plus.
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Re: 4TB Disks for Ultra 2+

It's probably better to get drives from different manufacturing batches; that is, buy them from different resellers and at different times.

This way you potentially avoid getting a set of drives that all have a similar flaw that manifests itself later in a number of drives at the same time.

I generally don't buy more than 2 at a time.

Back it up. Use UPS.
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