All my Data gone?


All my Data gone?

Well I think I screwed up the Data on my NAS?  I was having issues, and still am having some issue upgreating my Network hardware.  For some reason, something from screwing up IP addresses and so to narrow it down, I was killing power and then powering everything back up to narrow down what was screwing things up.  Well the ReadyNas 516 I thought was off, but it powered up on it's own and of course then booted up as I killed power again a number of times.  Now all the drives are showing RED.  It was saying something like Remove inactive volumes to use the disk disk #1,2,3,4. Any ideas anyone? 


Can this be repaired?  It's a done of data and a lot of hard work to fix it while still having lost everything.



Model: RN51600|ReadyNAS 516 6-Bay Diskless
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Re: All my Data gone?

Netgear paid support is a good option (though of course it costs).


@rn_enthusiast (former netgear employee) sometimes helps out with this by analyzing logs and suggesting commands.

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Re: All my Data gone?

Hi @JBDragon1 


I was away for a bit, so didn't get a chance to reply here. How did you get on with this issue?



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Re: All my Data gone?

I'm still in the process.  I was able to use the " ReclaiMe data recovery software".  At first it was crashing over and over again.  But the techs there logged into my computer, fix it and got it going.


I got most of my Data Back.  What I didn't get back, I know what is missing by 0 byte file names.  So I can get new copies of those.  It just took time to run though the drives, and then copy it all onto other HDD's.    All that Data is still on those other HDD's.  I haven't started copying those files back which will take a number of days going over 1Gbps ethernet.


The biggest issue is setting up PLEX, which wasn't to hard.  I've used it for YEARS and so know it inside and out and had that setup no time flat, though there's no Movie or TV content.  But I got my 2 TV Tuners, HDHomeruns, one is a 4K versions, up and running and so I can watch TV from PLEX and DVR shows.


It's all the DOCKER apps I'm having issues with currently.  It was new to me.  I have a couple installed once again and running, but there is a communication issue with talking to each others.  The whole container thing.    I need to re-figure that out once again.   I have backup pictures of settings, but they are before using DOCKER, installing the apps the pain in the butt way.  Directory names are a little different.  So settings are going to be a little different.  But I still have one issue with the 2 apps talking to each other fully.  Once I have the Docker apps running like they should once again, I'll start copying files back over.  


The good thing out of this is my ReadyNAS system isn't mangled a bit like it used to be.  The Anti-Virus software would no longer work. I was managing things trying to install the apps the old way and screwing things up.  DOCKER is much safer to use.  Overall just better, other than Updates aren't as easy.   Can't update though the app it's self.    


So this is where I'm at.  I had to buy SATA to USB adapters for the HDD's, and that software was $199.  Maybe Netgear could have done a better job?!?!  Loss less or nothing?!?!  But the cost for them to work on it would have been a lot more I think.  I had around 25TB of Data.  When I get home today, I'll start working on the Docker apps to get t hem working right.  Once I figure out the 2, the rest should be a snap.  I know it's a file issue between containers.  I just have to figure it out once again like I did once.  I do have my DOCKER create files for everything.  But the app config I'm not 100% sure on.  Something is not right.  I hope I get it figure out sometime this week, start transferring files back over.  


The sad thing is, I have another NAS.  Not as large to use as a backup.  But I looked and it was empty.  I can't remember what I did to wipe it.  Once I get t his fixed and all my files are back on the ReadyNAS, I'll setup rsync once again to Backup to the QNAP.  Of course it doesn't really help for DOCKER apps, etc.  I need to backup the config files at least and write down what I did so I can fix things much quicker. Live and Learn, BACKUP!!!!!


I had turned off my NAS, but it powered it's self back up when I killed the power and turned the power back on.  I was trying to figure out what the hell was screwup up my new Network hardware.  A Rouge DHCP server.  So I unplugged everything, and plugged in 1 room, turn the power back on, everything good, turn back off, plug in the next room, and so on and so on, until I figured it out.  my OOMA box throwing out the 172 IP Network numbers on me.  OOMA screwed up my ReadyNAS!!!  Plugged my laptop directly into OOMA, logged into the interface, Disabled DHCP!!!!  I also had a number of other issues with my Unifi Hardware.  I installed all the newest firmware. Didn't fix the issues.  Downloaded the Beta Firmware and that fixed everything else.  Just ordered a second AP.  I have a U6-Lite.  I just ordered a U6-Pro.  I'm going to swap and move the Lite out to my Garage.  


This is my 2nd Major Network Upgrade.  Started with a couple Shelves.  Then upgraded to a 8u rack where I was using a ASUS router. I just finished with my Second Major Network upgrade.  Pulling out the 8U rack and putting in a much better 12u rack.  It's a much better quality Rack.  It's adjustable in depth from 12" to 20".  Mine is set at 16".  


Ignore the Early Access piece. Pretend you don't see it.  I won't point it out.  You can see the bottom of my ReadyNAS 516 on the very top of the rack.  There is about 1" space from the ceiling and the ReadyNAS.  As I had planned.







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