Backup Jobs from Win10


Backup Jobs from Win10

I have an older (? doesn't seem that old to me, but I guess that's what happens) Readynas-Pro 6 setup as X-Raid2 running RAIDiator 4.2.31 firmware and ever since I got a win10 based machine, I cannot seem to get it to be able to connect with a backup job > remote: windows/nas (timestamp).


I have the win10 target folder shared, but I suspect there's something that win10 is doing to prevent the pro6 from accessing the file. I've tried my username and pwd, I've tried no username / pwd, I've tried homeusers as a username because that's what I see under the share tab of that folder in win10, but nothing seems to get it to be able to access / read that folder. I've looked at the win10 system's firewall and have disabled its firewall for 'private networks' and that didn't even help!


Any thoughts / tips / help would be appreciated!

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Re: Backup Jobs from Win10

Is the SMB 1.0/CIFS server enabled on the PC?  ("turn windows features on or off").  Also, make sure that the file access on the PC is also set up so that the NAS can access it (you need both network permission and file permission to access the files).  The backup job should use your windows username and your windows password - though 4.2.31 likely won't take windows usernames with @ in them.


You might consider putting backup software on the PC, and run the backup from there.  For instance, FreeFileSync or Acronis TrueImage (not free).

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