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Best hardware solution to help a crashed ReadyNASRND4000


Best hardware solution to help a crashed ReadyNASRND4000


Here's the background info on my problem:

I own a ReadyNAS RND4000v3 (so the lable says) as I use as the family file server. It has worked like a charm for almost seven years.
Some days ago, our power company alerted us of a planned power outage and so I shut my NAS down before going to work.
When I got back home, my NAS was dead as a doornail. It doesn't respond to anything in any way. I suspect that there was a spike in the electric grid when the power came back on that fried the power unit in the NAS.


Now to my question:
I'm certain my four disks, that was configured as RAID5 (four disks with redundancy) are all ok. Since the NAS unit is old I guess there's no way for me to get service on the unit itself, so I wonder: Is there any other way for me to purchase a more modern unit and install and use the same disks, almost like nothing ever happened? I use high end Maxtor Server classed disks with 10 year warranty so I wouldn't want to waste them (not to mention that I want access to the data on them).

Can anyone here help me out and/or give me advice on how to proceed?

Model: ReadyNAS RND4000v2|ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Chassis only
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Re: Best hardware solution to help a crashed ReadyNASRND4000

You have an NV+ v1 platform (a sparc based NAS).  The "v3' in the label means it was the third hardware revision of the v1.


You have a couple of options:

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