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Can't access ReadyNAS 3200


Can't access ReadyNAS 3200

We're migrating our network onto a new IP range, and everything has gone smoothly apart from our ReadyNAS. It was getting an IP from from DHCP, I've made a new scope and told it to renew its IP, which it did and was working fine. I've gone back in to set a static IP and now I've got issues. I can ping the device fine, but it just whirls round when trying to get on the web management page for it. It will ask me for my username and password, I type that in, and then it can take up to 10-15 minutes to load if it loads at all. Even when it does load, it doesn't progress to any other pages. Restarted the device a few time gracefully using the power button on the front. No error lights. All drive LEDs are flickering every now and again. I've hooked up a monitor to the device, and its currently showing the attached image. Raidar can't find it on the network.





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Re: Can't access ReadyNAS 3200

Unfortunately, OS4.2.x gives you no useful information on the monitor, unlike OS6.  It sounds like you may have a full or nearly full OS partition.  That can cause configuration file issues whenever you change something that has to re-write one.


Have you ever enabled SSH access?  You can gain additional insight into what's going on and potentially fix it via SSH.  If you've not done so, then you'd have to boot to Support mode and use Telnet to connect.  Both of those require use of the Linux command line, and this isn't a good time to learn that.  So if you have no experience with it, you are best off contacting Netgear for per-incident support.


If you do feel comfortable with the command line, others can guide you.  I've not used OS4.2.x in too long to do so.

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