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Disk is not sighed by netgear


Disk is not sighed by netgear

I purchased several spare netgear drives to work in either my  ReadyData 516 or Ready NAS 4200.  I need to make sure that they are all signed.  I inserted a new one to replace a failed drive and it reports as being not signed.  I have a few others that need to be checked and signed too.


Please contact me and schedule a Teamviewer session to SSH into my unit.

Model: RDD1|ReadyDATA 516 Disk Packs RDD1LT02/ RDD1LT03/ RDD1LT04/ RDD1SM01
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Re: Disk is not sighed by netgear

Which version of ReadyDATA OS are you running? ReadyDATA OS 1.4.5 doesn't required signed disks. If you are still having problems on ReadyDATA OS 1.4.5 then I assume you would need help from NETGEAR to sign the disks assuming they are disks bought from NETGEAR.


The ReadyNAS 4200 runs RAIDiator-x86 4.2.x and doesn't require signed disks. Only the ReadyDATA requires signed disks. Do you mean ReadyDATA 5200?

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