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EA2700 date of the entry in the device list


EA2700 date of the entry in the device list

Hi, I'm using an EA2700 for my home wi-fi. Recently, and for the first time since I set-up my wi-fi one year ago, I accessed the device list in the Smart-Wi-Fi and I spotted in the list, a PC I don't recognize. The unknown PC appears as offline and as the logs option was not active I can't say anything about when or how many times it logged into the network. My question would be if there is a way to find-out when the entry for this PC was first created on the device list? The idea is that I was thinking the unknown PC might be from the vendor where I bought the router (they tested the router when they sold it to me). Knowing the date of the entry in the list would help to see if it fits the date I bought the router.

Thank you in advance for your answers.
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Re: EA2700 date of the entry in the device list

This is a forum for the Netgear Readynas network attached storage products.
Although there is a subforum for Cisco routers it's purpose would be to discuss issues related to Readynas product compatibility and function with these routers.
Perhaps look for a Cisco/linksys forum on google.
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