FAN readynas1100


FAN readynas1100

We bought two readynas1100 units six years ago, last week one fan failed.

It seems that netgear does not want to deliver a new one:mad:

Can any one explain why? It is the dual fan (RNR4FAN1-10000S)

Perhaps someone has a tip to replace the fan for another type?

(it has the extra wire, and according to Sunon this his a frequentie generator for measurement of revolution speed I think)
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Re: FAN readynas1100

We have solved the fan problem by ourself. Netgear wants that you buy a new one, so they don't give support.:mad:

Solution :): Buy six new fans, three Sunon KD1204PKB2 with two wires and three SanAce40 9GA0412P6G001 with four wires. From the four wire fan you cut off the brown one, connect the red/black to the Sunon. Cut the old fan wires from the connector at 4 cm and connect these three to the new one. repeat off course for the other two.

We did not replace the fan in the power supply but this a two wire Sunon fan from 1,2 watt. (easy to buy)

After the replacement it's a good idea to "recalibrate" the fans, the average speed is about 3000 rpm. They start at 12000-15000 (depends off course how busy your readynas1100 is at the moment.

Good luck and forget support from Netgear :cool:
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Re: FAN readynas1100

You may wish to share your suggestion on the ReadyNAS forums. This forum is for the ReadyDATA devices not the ReadyNAS
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