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Re: Great Experience with Power Supply Replacement


Great Experience with Power Supply Replacement

My power supply, whose serial number falls within the range defined by Netgear as potentially having problems, fried itself over the weekend. This occurred in the middle of a capacity upgrade (3 x 500 GB to 3 x 2 TB), during a volume resync that was underway to incorporate the first replacement disk I had installed.

I had registered the NV+ on Netgear's website when I bought it, so I logged in and found out that the 5-yr warranty on my power supply was good until Nov 2012. I submitted an online "Technical Problem Submission" on Netgear's webiste, which resulted in an automated email instructing me to call them with the case number to discuss replacement options.

About noon yesterday, I called Netgear. After going in circles for a while, I was put through to someone who set up the warranty claim and the RMA. There were a couple different options available: 1) I send them the failed unit, then they'd send me a replacement; 2) for $20, they would courier me a new unit, and I would send the failed one; and 3) for $25, they would do an overnight delivery. I chose option #3, skeptical that it would get to me here in Canada in one day. Low and behold, the doorbell rang late this morning, and FedEx handed me the replacement unit.

So there I was, less than 24 hrs after calling Netgear, with a new power supply in my hands. This may not sound unusual for residents of the U.S., but us folks up here in the Great White North have been trained to expect significantly inferior delivery times so I was pretty impressed. Note that the $25 option includes a prepaid FedEx label for the return shipment, so I thought this was pretty good value.

I installed the new PSU and plugged the NV+ back in, and when I powered it up it took off right away - an FS check first, followed by a resumption of the interrupted resync.

I'm a happy guy, and very impressed with the customer service that I received from Netgear!
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Re: Great Experience with Power Supply Replacement

The Sequel: After 2.5 years of trouble-free operation since replacing the original power supply in 2011, my NV+ had another Rice Krispies experience the other day - snap, crackle, pop - when I turned it on following the installation of a new router.

To my surprise, Netgear is once again replacing the power supply at no cost to me because my NV+ has a serial number that falls within the recognized "problem" range. I realize this is the kind of service we should expect because there's obviously some kind of design flaw with these units, but many other providers would just shrug their shoulders, mumble something about the device being well beyond the warranty period, and shuffle off. We've been trained to accept this type of behaviour from most companies, so kudos to Netgear for standing behind their products!
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