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Re: Hard drive compatibility and vertical expansion


Hard drive compatibility and vertical expansion

I have a readynas 516 running 6.6.0 and  i tried to replace a WD Black Enterprise 1 TB drive with a WD green 2 TB drive. i knew it was NOT on the compatabiliy listing and was not fully surprised it did not work as I had hoped.


The Green drive resynced the array, but in the logs i received a vertical expansion error in rn-expand.log .  So i replace drive with the original enterprise drive and removed the green.  I tried this twice, each time doing a full surface test of the green drive and a full erase.


I have ordered a WD red drive that is on the approved list to replace another drive that has 47,000k hours on it. i hope not to have the same problem. 


could this really have been because the drive is not on the approved list? i know the green drive has issues that may occur with additional resyncs due to their requirement to park the heads more often.

Model: RN51600|ReadyNAS 516 6-Bay
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Re: Hard drive compatibility and vertical expansion

What sizes are your other drives?  There are expansion combinations that don't work.  The other possibility is that the drive has too many bad sectors above the 1TB mark.  Did you do both read and write surface tests, or just read?

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Re: Hard drive compatibility and vertical expansion

sorry, i thought it would email me but it did not.  I did a full scan the drive with WD tools and found no issues. It was a Green 2 TB drive.  However i obtained two WD Red 2 TB drives and used one of those.  same size, but it did expand automatically.  unsure if it does not like some green drives.


however upon further inspection, i realize i have 4 WD Red drives and 2 WD Green drives.  I am going to plan on migrating out the greens, but the system is stable and I am happy now.


it was very odd. 

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