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Installing bluetooth on a RN10200


Installing bluetooth on a RN10200

I would like to install bluetooth on my NAS RN10200.  My music collection is there, and I would like to "connect" my set of bluetooth speakers to it, in order to play my music.  I purchased a bluetooth 5 doggle, and attempted to install "bluez" on my NAS, but it failed to work.   Any suggestions????

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Re: Installing bluetooth on a RN10200

There is likely one or more kernel modules that need to be added.  Given the small size of the 102's memory, that's probably not a good idea, even if you know which they are and how to do it.


How were you planning to select the files and play them?  You may not be able to actually play the music on the NAS, but another device could access the music and play it.  If, for example, you want to use an Android phone to select the music, you could use an old one to actually play it using several available apps.  I'm not an iPhone user, but I expect they have similar apps.  A Google Home or Amazon Echo could also serve as the device that plays the music.

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