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Re: Move disks after Hardware failure, possible?


Move disks after Hardware failure, possible?

Hi I have had a hardware failure on my Ready nas duo v.2. And it will probably never wake up anymore.

My question:
Is it possible to remove the disks (currently 2 mirrored disks) from the broken duo v.2 and install them in an new duo v.2 in order to restore the systen and all data? (I'm assuming the disks are still intacct at this point).
If possible to move is there any instructions/recommendations to follow?

many thanks
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Re: Move disks after Hardware failure, possible?

What symptoms suggest to you that the Duo v2 hardware has failed and won't wake up?

What happens when you press the power button to try to turn it on? Does it show up in RAIDar?

Were you using the power off/on timer?

What version of RAIDiator were you running?

Please read this and confirm if you have a Duo v1 or a Duo v2: http://www.rnasguide.com/2012/01/09/how-to-tell-whether-i-have-a-duo-v1-or-duo-v2-or-nv-v1-or-nv-v2/

It is important. You cannot migrate from a v1 to a v2 or vice versa.
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Re: Move disks after Hardware failure, possible?

My guess is that some components in the NAS has burned out, I have removed all disks and yet no response from the machine. It does not do anything not the tiniest blink or sound of anything.
And yes I can confirm it is a DUO v.2 model.

would it be possible to just move the disks into a new duo v.2 NAS and have access to the data? (if now the disks are not failing too?, have no place to check the disks outside the NAS at the moment).

My hope is to just go and buy me a new Duo v.2 and use my old disks.

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Re: Move disks after Hardware failure, possible?

So you did purchase this unit on/after November 21, 2011 and it has the distinctive blue USB3 ports on the rear?

The Duo v2 has a 3 year warranty so you should contact NetGear support. If NetGear confirms that it is the chassis that has failed not the disks then follow the migration procedure to move the disks to another unit.

Migration instructions are here: http://www.readynas.com/kb/faq/boot/how_do_i_migrate_disks_over_from_an_existing_readynas_to_another
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