New ReadyNas Pro 6


New ReadyNas Pro 6

Hi everybody,

I just got delivered a brand-spanking new Pro 6. It must have been a left-over at the dealer, so I got a good deal on it.

I just opened the package, and I must say that the trays opening mechanism feel very, very flimsy.I heard these were prone to problems, and now I understand why. My previous NAS was a 104, so I can tell the difference. This was purchased in Europe, so it will be under warranty for at least 2 years. Is there something I can do to avoid having the HDs stuck in the coming future with these trays?

The second question is also quite trivial, I believe: the HCL at Netgear website for this model was updated last century. Can I safely put in some WD Reds 4/5/6GB and still have some support from Netgear when something goes wrong?

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Re: New ReadyNas Pro 6

A new Pro-6 will have a 5 year warranty, it would be good to register it. If it were open-box it might have been previously registered, and in that case you won't have the manufacturer warranty. I believe EU warranty law would still give you warranty rights with the dealer who sold it to you.

There are two different tray mechanisms for the older NAS. One tends to stick, the other doesn't. If your trays have a round button, they are the ones that tend to stick. The square buttons don't;.

On the larger disk sizes: There are two expansion challenges with OS4. One is that a volume can't expand across the 16 TiB boundary. This is related to the size of the ext inodes. The other is that a volume can't expand more than 8 TiB from its initial starting points.

With OS4 you can create volumes > 16 TiB if all the disks are the same size, and you do a factory reset/install with all of them in place. Those volumes can't be expanded later. Otherwise, you need to use flexraid, and keep the volumes below 16 TiB. This starts to become an issue with 4 TB drives (6x4TB RAID-5 creates a 20 TB volume).

As far as the HCL goes, unfortunately you need to assume that Netgear support will deny support if you stray from it. Not sure if there is much wiggle room there. For some problems they might not ask - I had a PSU fallure recently on my NV+, and they replaced it w/o delving into the disks I had installed (though they were on the HCL).
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Re: New ReadyNas Pro 6

I was able to register it with Netgear today! 🙂
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