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Re: PSU failure in ReadyNAS NV+


PSU failure in ReadyNAS NV+


Last night my PSU failed in my trusty old ReadyNAS NV+

Knowing full well my box was well out of warranty I opened her up and removed the PSU in question, has anyone had to replace a PSU before? I have the part number but can't seem to find anywhere to purchase a new one online, the details are as follows:

Manufacturer: Seventeam
Part Number: ST-220FUB-05E
http://www.seventeam.com.tw/product_con ... 146&cid=53

Are there any other models that are compatible?

Secondly, if I fail to find a replacement what is the easiest way to recover the data from my hard drives?

Thanks in advance
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Re: PSU failure in ReadyNAS NV+

If you search this forum, you'll find specific advice on this. You will need to be careful with the pin-out, since the standard cable either needs to be re-wired, or connected to an adapter. (sometimes google search with site:readynas.com is better than the search tool built into the forum).

Also, in some cases people have put the replacement PSU outside the unit. That looks ugly, but gives you some more choices.

There is a guide on mounting NV+ volumes in x86 linux systems here: http://home.bott.ca/webserver/?p=306
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