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Re: Q6600 CPU upgrade for ReadyNAS Pro 6


Q6600 CPU upgrade for ReadyNAS Pro 6

Hi Everybody,

I can find a Q6600 SLACR CPU real cheap here in the Netherlands (30 euros), so I was thinking of taking the plunge.

On OS6 and on the new firmwares (as I have the most recent model) is this CPU swap trivial, or the truckload of alarms mentioned in the other threads still happens and requires tinkering with configuration files?

If you have jumped onto the Q6600 bandwagon recently, please share your experience.

Thank you for any input!
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Re: Q6600 CPU upgrade for ReadyNAS Pro 6

Please keep me posted on this if you get feedback as I'm considering upgrading from my E7600
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Re: Q6600 CPU upgrade for ReadyNAS Pro 6

Installed Intel Xeon X3230 2.66GHZ 8M Socket 775 Quad Core CPU Processor SLACS bought on eBay today into my Pro Pioneer. Kept the original cpu fan. Temp under load 35 C (I do not know what it was before the new cpu). Before the cpu, I had upgraded to OS 6.3.3 and 8MB RAM. So far, no problems at all.

I chose the X3230 after comparing to Q6600; The X3230 is slightly newer launch date, 2.66 (vs 2.4) Ghz and 95w (vs 105w).

See my post about jumbo frames and NIC bonding for other information about the upgrade.

I am very happy about the network performance. I have not yet tries some other uses.
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