RN 316 physical security

Does anyone know a device to physically secure the RN 316?  Space restrictions force it be outside of a cabinet, but I want to prevent access to the drives.  If someone carries out the entire NAS, that's a different matter.  That's much more obvious.  Since there is not a way to put a padlock on it, does anyone know of some kind a cable lock, container, etc. that would keep someone from accessing the drives?  Thanks.

Model: RN31600|ReadyNAS 300 Series 6- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: RN 316 physical security

Well @netgomez, if you really mean it and don't care about look and feel you could drill some nice holes into the box and finally put cable through them.

It is just a question of where to drill and where not to drill, to not end up with a cute brick. As I never did this (and would not, I have to admit) somebody else might have some suggestions about the best locations for those holes.

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Re: RN 316 physical security

Tne RN316 does have a slot for a Kensington lock, so you can secure the chassis itself.


The problem is securing the disks.  There might be a way to prevent the door from opening (somehow strapping it to the main case).   A small wire mesh cage would be another possibility.  Neither would look very attractive, and I suspect they'd be fairly easy to remove.


I'm wondering if a more effective strategy on the disks would be to attach a door/window sensor to the NAS door, so it would alarm when opened.


I think other folks would be interested in a simple way to do this, so if you do find a good solution please post back.

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