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RN10200 no power


RN10200 no power

My RN10200 NAS has no power.  Its still under HW warrenty but no idea how to contact netgrear for that as when I try to reaise a ticket it goes nowhere.  Im not so warried about that as I can buy a new one.  The disks are still fine.  My real question is, If I buy a readynas422 can I just plug the disk straight in and the NAS will find them?


Model: RN10200|ReadyNAS 100 Series 2- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: RN10200 no power

Did you get a case number that I can lookup on our system. I can ask support about this.


As for getting a RN422, that's a great new model and it has a display on the front (makes things a lot easier if you need to use the boot menu).


The RN422 is a x86 ReadyNAS whereas the RN102 is an ARM ReadyNAS so if the firmware on the flash of the RN422 is older than what's on the disks it's unable to correct this from the firmware on the disks as the firmware on the disks is for a different hardware platform.


So it would be advisable to put a scratch disk (must not be from your array and a disk that you're fine with being wiped) into the RN422 and check to make sure that it's running at least as new firmware as what you were running on the RN102. If in doubt update the firmware to the latest firmware. Verify the update is successful (i.e. comes up with new firmware after the reboot). Then power down, remove the scratch disk and migrate your disks across keeping the disk order the same.

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