RN104 and failed HDD #24885520


RN104 and failed HDD #24885520

Hey guys,

So one of my drives failed (slot 1) and it crashed my RAID5 (x-Raid versus flex-raid?). Tech support said they had managed to remount it and I closed the case. However, when I rebooted, it finally came back so I could get into the Frontview server... but, it indicates there isn't a volume! It shows the 3 drives... it shows it's in FLEX-RAID mode, and I don't know where to go now.

I've submitted this to tech support again... they just take a long time (2 weeks to figure out it was a bad HDD, some of which was my fault due to being dislocated from the NAS), and if it's something simple, I'd love to know what I can do.

So, my NAS is ON.. I can access front view. No HDD in slot 1, HDDs in slot 2-4. It was a RAID5 and Tech support seemed to indicate that it was working just fine minus the hard drive that I removed from slot 1.

Help please 🙂

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Re: RN104 and failed HDD

I'm going to assume you don't have a backup.
Why did you close the case before checking that you could access your data?

I would wait for tech support to get back to you. It will not take 2 weeks.

If and when they sort you out, make and maintain backups of your data.

Back it up. Use UPS.
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Re: RN104 and failed HDD #24885520

I agree. I would wait for support to get back to you. Your new case is currently with out L2 experts.
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