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Re: RN21400 Cannot Invite Users


RN21400 Cannot Invite Users

I started to add my spouse as a user via admin locally.


My non-admin account seems to work ok but I have no idea how to repeat the process successfully.


Her account appears in the ReadyNas ACCOUNTS tab under Users with email address as a member of the users group just like my daily non-admin account.


But, in the SHARES tab, I do not see her account with the SHARES nor does it appear as a new named home folder with the BROWSE option.


I proceed to the cloud users option and again I see my user account.

I click the "invite user" button to add my spouse and the ReadyNas page gives me a popup window stating "This device is joined to ReadyCloud. To invite users, visit readycloud".


So, I log into ReadyCLoud.

I go digging around but can find no way to invite users!


So I go to the help text.

The supporting help text shows a button for inviting users on this page but the actual page I get (yes Ive refreshed numerous times) has no such button!


I'm still stuck.


This has amounted to hours of madness!


For future reference, the help text should match reality or reality should match the help text.  The folks at Netgear who do this stuff all the time dont realize how complicated this is to do once and then try to remember how to repeat the process successfully months later.



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Re: RN21400 Cannot Invite Users

ReadyNAS local accounts and ReadyCloud accounts are different.  So the first question is which account type you wanted to create.


In order to use her local account, she just needs to access the NAS with her account credentials using file manager (PC) or finder (mac).  The first time she logs in with those credentials, the NAS will create her home account. 


Overall, it's simpler if her NAS account uses the same username as her PC logon. 



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