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RN314 - Disable log/warning for the 0RPM fan speed?

RN314 - Disable log/warning for the 0RPM fan speed?

I cut the signal cable of the fam as the connection was flaky and I got tired of opening up the NAS. It now runs permanently at full speed.


Any way to disable that alert so it's not in the logs?

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Re: RN314 - Disable log/warning for the 0RPM fan speed?

From SSH, edit /etc/frontview/sensors/RN314.conf as shown here:


chip "coretemp-isa-0000"
        label temp2 "CPU"
        compute temp2 @%35, @%35
        ignore temp3

chip "it8721-isa-0a00"
        ignore in0
        label in1 "V5_0"
        set in1_min 4.7
        set in1_max 5.3
        compute in1 @*1.732, @/1.732
        ignore in2
        ignore in3
        label in4 "V3_3"
        compute in4 @*1.2, @/1.2
        set in4_min 3.135
        set in4_max 3.465
        label in5 "V1_2"
        set in5_min 1
        set in5_max 1.3
        ignore in5
        label in6 "V+12"
        compute in6 @*61/14, @*14/61
        set in6_min 10.8
        set in6_max 13.2
        set in7_min 3.135
        set in7_max 3.465
        label fan1 "System" (if zero doesn't work below, change to ignore fan1)
        set fan1_min 400 (change 400 to 0)
        ignore fan2
        ignore temp1
        label temp2 "System"
        set temp2_min 1
        set temp2_max 80
        ignore temp3
        ignore intrusion0

 I'm not sure the system will accept a zero for the minimum, thus the alternative.  Note that the alternative will also make the fan disappear from the "Performance" display in the GUI.


This will not survive an OS update -- you'll have to re-do it.  To make it easy, keep a copy with a different name you can copy back to the original name.

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