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Re: RN516 reviews needed


RN516 reviews needed


I am looking to purchase a new NAS and have read some mix reviews regarding the RN516.

I would appreciate it if any RN516 owners could share their honest opinion of the RN516. Pros and Cons.

Also, is anyone using the EDA500 as expansion for the RN516?

I am primary interested in storing and streaming media files as well as backing up my computers to the RN516.

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Re: RN516 reviews needed

The RN516 has a fast CPU. It can transcode 1080p using Plex.

if you want a powerful NAS it is a good option. The main con would be the price. It is significantly more expensive than the 316, but then if you have a need for speed or a need to transcode 1080p the 716 is a great choice.

The EDA500 would have a separate volume. Some would consider getting multiple 516 instead or a 516 and a 316.
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Re: RN516 reviews needed

I have had mine for 4 months. It works well as a music streamer with squeezebox.
I don't stream video in house so I can't comment on that.
My previous NAS is a NV+ and the 516 is a serious improvement.
The 516 has 6 2tb drives in raid 6 so I get around 7.5tb of useable space.
Backups from pc's are pretty good as long as they are not wireless.
Reviews from before firmware 6.1.6 ( Feb 2014 ) may have some legit complaints.
I waited until after then and have no problems. I am not utilizing advanced features, few add-ins. That may explain my lack of problems.
I have no complaints about setup or performance.
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Re: RN516 reviews needed

Thanks to the both of you for your reviews. It is appreciated!
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Re: RN516 reviews needed

I have a 516 which is an upgrade from a pro pioneer. Like it very much. Would recommend highly.

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