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Re: RN528 HDD Array Support / ReadyCloud functionality for DropBox


RN528 HDD Array Support / ReadyCloud functionality for DropBox

Dear Community
I am interested in the ReadyNas RN 528 X.

Are external hard disk arrays like the Lian Li EX-503

on the USB3 port basically compatible / supported?

If so, would an already existing JBOD RAID configuration

/ EXT4 partition detected?
This was created and operated with a Synology DS1815 +.
I would also like to know if the ReadyCloud is comparable
good functionality like DSM's Cloud Sync service?
Does ReadyCloud work stably and reliably, and does it exist
the possibility of selective folder synchronization, or will
at least the possibility of choosing a single folder
offered as sync target? Are there any limitations on folder size
for the DropBox folder? In my case it is more than 10 terabytes!
Please excuse the many and detailed questions,
but I canˋt find information on the internet.
Accordingly, I would be very grateful for support!
With kind regards, Romano

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Re: RN528 HDD Array Support / ReadyCloud functionality for DropBox

When you say "JBOD", do you mean each drive is separately formatted as a partition/volume?.  I used a Drobo 5-bay DAS via USB3 and it worked fine, but I had all drives formatted as a single volume.  I don't think multiple partitions work well on an external drive with a ReadyNAS.  I can't say via eSATA, as I never had anything that supported it except an EDA500.

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