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Ready NAS104 Question


Ready NAS104 Question


Hello all.  I have a question.  I have a ReadyNAS 104 with four 3T HDD's.  I would like to know if I can purchase a newer NAS, like to ReadyNAS 214 then power down the NAS104, pull the HDD's, and put them into the new NAS214.  Would that work in keeping all the data?

Model: RN10400|ReadyNAS 100 Series 4- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: Ready NAS104 Question

Yes, it would.  It is best (but not supposed to be necessary) if the old and new system were on the same OS version before the migration.  You can put a drive that's not from the old NAS in the new one and go through to the update process to see what version is there and update, if needed.


If you are upgrading to an Intel based system (300 series or better), then you should also remove any apps before making the swap.

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