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Re: ReadyNAS 214 Spurious UPS Warnings


ReadyNAS 214 Spurious UPS Warnings

Over the last few months my RN214 has started reporting spurious UPS messages:

"UPS UPS (Smart-UPS X 750) battery is low. System will shut down soon."

The UPS logs show no such condition.  Any ideas what's going on?

(I'm running firmware 6.10.3 and 6.10.2 before that.)

Thanks in advance!

Andy Michael


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Re: ReadyNAS 214 Spurious UPS Warnings



Have you tried rebooting the NAS again? are you still getting the issue if you try to go back down to 6.10.2?



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Re: ReadyNAS 214 Spurious UPS Warnings

Thanks Mark -


The problem started when I was running 6.10.2 and continues under 6.10.3.  The NAS has been rebooted several times, twice when it shut itself down, presumably due to spurious warnings.  I must see if there's a firmware update for the UPS.



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Re: ReadyNAS 214 Spurious UPS Warnings

I have had this problem for at least the last 3 or more version updates of the ReadyNAS OS.

My system is a RN516 with UPS of APC Back-Ups CS650.

In fact just yesterday I replaced the CS650 with a brand new CS650 as there was an intermittent problem on the power output, which necessitated my hurriedly buying online with next day delivery.

I had hoped that this might solve my 'warning' as described, but NO it came up again this morning (UK time).

I have been putting up with it for so long I now don't consider a real problem.

It prompts the  warning but does not shutdown.

I have tried to isolate where the problem might lie, but from my evidence it is NOT with the UPS.

Hope that helps.



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Re: ReadyNAS 214 Spurious UPS Warnings

Thanks, that's useful to know.  For information, on at least one occasion a spurious warning did in fact trigger a shutdown.



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