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ReadyNAS Duo with 1TB harddisk


ReadyNAS Duo with 1TB harddisk


I have got a ReadyNAS Duo with 1TB harddisk.

Now I want to buy a second harddisk for RAID (redundancy) Is it possible to buy a 2TB harddisk (is cheaper than 1TB). Is it possible that this 2TB harddisk is used then as 1TB harddisk!?

greets, Markus
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Re: ReadyNAS Duo with 1TB harddisk

That is exactly how it will be used. It will show the volume of the 2TB drive, but only allocate 1TB to the RAID volume. At some point in the future when you then upgrade the 1TB drive to a 2TB, your redundant volume will be expanded to 2TB (reboot required).
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Re: ReadyNAS Duo with 1TB harddisk

One more question. 🙂

If the ReadyNAS will break down one day and I have the two harddisks - is it possible to plug one of them to any computer to get the data from it?

Or is it not possible to restore files from and harddisk which was used in a RAID system?

Or can I easily replace the ReadyNAS Duo with any other ReadyNAS Ultra 2?
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