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Re: ReadyNAS range going End of Life?


ReadyNAS range going End of Life?

Hi all,


Here in South Africa, I was informed last week by the Netgear Distributors that the ReadyNAS range has gone End of Life, and that Netgear have not provided any future alternatives, nor any official correspondence to confirm this.


Can anybody shed some light on this, because I cannot find anything official on it online?


Thanks all.


Model: RN31600|ReadyNAS 300 Series 6- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: ReadyNAS range going End of Life?

They haven't made it official but it is quite clear that this is where the ReadyNAS line is headed. Lack of stock everywhere, no software updates/improvements anymore. 😞

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Re: ReadyNAS range going End of Life?

Sheweee that is not good news.
Between the Snapshot feature, excellent UI and ReadyCLOUD, I don't know quite how to replace this product.

I know there are other NAS vendors out there, but do any of them have a built in VPN and Snapshots that save your butt time and time again...?

Come on Netgear... we need ReadyNAS!!!
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Re: ReadyNAS range going End of Life?

The RN software is really outdated and app selection is poor and outdated too. And that is a shame because their hardware is great! The snaphot feature is BTRFS based and ReadyCloud isn't really that good compared to many competitors. If you value the software side of things and ease of use, go to Synology, in my opinion. They use BTRFS too (on most their NAS units) so same snapshot features and otherwise superior software in pretty much every aspect.


I do agree though that the RN GUI is simple and good to use. Definitely.


We haven't even had a new Netgear NAS in what, 3-4 years. That should tell you where things stand 🙂

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Re: ReadyNAS range going End of Life?

Sad News indeed.

I have a 2-bay unit that is on its second set of drives and was planning to retire it soon and source a Netgear to replace it.


I wanted it as a dependable backup solution, nothing more and would actively avoid a unit with Cloud features and AI to "organise" any photos along with whatever else


It has one job, dependable file storage.


End of an era.

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