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ReadyNas 104 - Cannot connect at 1000mbit


ReadyNas 104 - Cannot connect at 1000mbit

Hi, all
I'm hoping someone can assist here.

I have a strange issue where I cannot get the NAS to connect to my gigabit network any faster than 100mbit - This occurs on both ports, with DHCP and static IP's.

I have tested with known working cables (that work in my Qnap NAS at gigabit) and brand new cat6e cables. It will not work.
I have had a network architect look at it and attempt to force gigabit, but only receives errors.

I have tried on various routers and switches.

What is strange is that on my TP Link Router, two known working gigabit cables will be plugged into the NAS on Eth0 and Eth1.
The one port (eth0) will connect at 10mbit and the other (Eth1) at 100mbit. If I swap the cables around, Eth0 will connect at 100mbit and Eth1 will be at 10Mbit.

If I plug the NAS into my D-Link Gigabit Switch, both ports connect at 100Mbit (using the same cables)

Please can someone assist as to what is going on? Are the ports damaged?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: ReadyNas 104 - Cannot connect at 1000mbit

It does sound to me like the transceiver in the NAS is damaged, though a weak 3.3VSB in the NAS might also cause that.  Unfortunately, neither is repairable.  I have a couple NAS purchased for parts that have a similar problem, and they have much more difficulty with a "green" switch than a non-green one (which includes that in most routers).

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Re: ReadyNas 104 - Cannot connect at 1000mbit

Thank you for the reply.

That is really disappointing to hear. I was really hoping I was just missing something.

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