Registration problems - getting very irate!

I'd like to preface my 'feedback' by saying that I am in the midst of a severe winter in which it takes my house a good two hours to warm up when I get home which is the cause of the typo mentioned later.

I bought a ReadyNAS Duo a couple of weeks ago and realised that it was not going to reach its full potential unless I bought an 802.11n router, so I bought a DGND3300v2.

It arrived yesterday and all seemed to be going well until I got home from work today. As this is neither the correct part of the forum for discussion about technical issues nor is it the correct forum for discussion about Nertgear Routers, I won't go into the problems which started - but I wanted to look on the main Netgear forum for answers.

It was necessary to register my router before I was allowed to join the forum which I did. Unfortunately, having only just lit my fire, my fingers were cold and I slipped and typed an 'l' at the end of my e-mail address. I didn't notice when I finished the registration process. When returned to tried to register for the forum, I did not notice that this incorrect e-mail address had already been added to my registration. So, now, I cannot log in until the incorrect e-mail address has been confirmed.

I also noticed that I could not add my ReadyNAS Duo serial number to the registration as it said it was already registered - presumably by the ReadyNAS itself.

So, now I have a ReadyNAS Duo and a DGND3300v2 which do not want to co-operate and I can't get on the right forum to get any help. Neither does there seem to be any method of contacting anybody at Netgear via e-mail.

Does anybody at Netgear read this forum? If so, could somebody at least help me to get my registration sorted out, please? Nobody has answered any of my previous posts on the ReadyNAS Duo problems I have so I'm not feeling very optimistic.
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Re: Registration problems - getting very irate!

PM me with the correct email address and I'll forward it to someone handling registration. 8)
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Re: Registration problems - getting very irate!

Your customer record has been updated with the email address you gave yoh-dah.
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Re: Registration problems - getting very irate!

This another dead thread you've revived lulupasai. The issue in this thread has clearly been resolved, so why are you posting in it?
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Re: Registration problems - getting very irate!

I can not register ReadyNAS Ultra 2 on Netgear www site. I get a message that the serial number has already been used.
I bought the ReadyNAS using eBay. Unfortunately, I do not have contact with the previous owner.
Sorry for the language but I use Google Translate.
Please Help Me. What can I do to register ReadyNAS Ultra 2 ?
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Re: Registration problems - getting very irate!

You might send a PM to Chirpa above. Be sure to include all the details of the transaction a perhaps attach an image of the rear of the unit such that the serial number is readable.
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