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Replace HHD - remove inactive volumes


Replace HHD - remove inactive volumes


got a RN626x here.

It's setup with 4x2TB and 2xSSD in X-Raid.

I need to replace the 2TB HDD with 4TB ones.

I thought I can just remove one 2TB replace with 4TB , let it rebuilt and do it again till all 4 drives are replaced.

I did the first one today and got message "remove inactive volumes to use disk#1".


How do I replace the 2TB with 4TB?


Model: RN626X|ReadyNAS 626X – 6 Bays with Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core Server Processor
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Re: Replace HHD - remove inactive volumes

sorry device is using Flex-Raid

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Re: Replace HHD - remove inactive volumes

I suggest powering down, putting the original disk back, and then power up.  That ought to bring back your volume.


Then check the RAID status (hopefully not RAID-0), and the health of all the disks.

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Re: Replace HHD - remove inactive volumes

If Drive 1 is the one you replaced and the volume is RAID5, then you may need to zero the contents of that drive before adding it.  But if you replaced the drive with power off, then you may need to do so with the unit powered then do a format of the drive on the NAS.


If the volume is RAID0 or JBOD, then you can't just replace a drive because there is no redundancy.  There is a convoluted process of exporting one volume, adding another, copying files, and repeating that could be done in those cases.  But in the end, the best method is to back up the data and restore it to a new volume. 


Let us know the exact volume structure, and we can give you better instructions.

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