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Request for a SAS capable chassi


Request for a SAS capable chassi


As the SSD's starts to get quite capable it would be pretty nifty with a Netgear Pro SAS (in 4,6 and/or 8 bay flavours)!

http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News ... ptimus-SSD

Or, perhaps similar will soon get out with SATA connectors too so then I can just shuffle them into my current 6-bay/4-bay boxes :roll:

I would really like them to be quieter and cooler...
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Re: Request for a SAS capable chassi

You can currently purchase a 1TB SSD drive, but it is $2870 on Newegg vs $50-55 for a 1TB 7200RPM drive. Considering the fact that the 7200 RPM drive on an SATAII interface is more than capable of saturating a 1Gb/s network interface, I'm not sure you would get much gain. While the article you linked to waxed on about the speed and capacity, it pointedly left out the high price. To fully populate a 4 bay NAS with SSD's would cost over $11,000 vs less than $250 for conventional 7200 RPM drives.

Cost effective, it's not.
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