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Seagate ST33000651AS going "dead"


Seagate ST33000651AS going "dead"

I have seen some posts here and on other NAS/RAID related boards about problems with these drives when they come out of sleep mode. I purchased another Pro 6 used that came with three of these drives and I added three Hitachis. I have twice in three weeks found "dead" drives (once 2&3, the other time 1, 2, & 3; never any of the Hitachis) that were not actually dead (fine in Seatools, and fine when removed, re-inserted, and re-synced). Based on the SMART data, the previous owner obviously didn't have disk spin-down enabled, which likely explains why he had no trouble with them with 2.5 years of on time on them. I have since disabled it as well, and all is running smoothly so far. But these puppies get warm and the fan spins up a lot to keep them cool. I'd like it to be able to spin down.

A common thread in many of the other posts I've read is use in combination with other drive types, just like I have. But that could be coincidence.

I've seen mention of other Seagate drives that have similar problems, especially the ST2000DL003-9VT166. I have some of those in another Pro and had problems with a previous version of RAIDiator but recently updated and have had no problems.

I've seen it mentioned in a review that these drives have some parameters that can be tweaked in Seatools, but found nothing on specifics. I didn't see them when I tested them, but I tested via a USB to SATA cable and that probably doesn't give me the option. The drive also has an optional jumper to force 1.5Gbps, if that would do any good. I'm thinking of trying it just for giggles while I have nothing of importance on it. Maybe the auto-negotiation is one of the things taking too long (if it re-negotiates when it spins up, I don't even know).

Does anybody have suggestions on tweaking the drive or RAIDiator to fix this issue? Something to speed up coming out of sleep mode or make the NAS wait longer for it?

Drive firmware is CC44 and RAIDiator is 4.2.26, if it matters. Seagate says that's the latest firmware for these serial numbers.
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