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Re: Shame on Netgear & ReadyNAS


Shame on Netgear & ReadyNAS

I bought a Netgear Ultra 2 earlier this year. I had no idea that Netgear had changed the processor to what appears to be a slower processor by roughly 8-10%. Apparently neither did most people. I discovered this information post-purchase, which also appears here: http://www.readynas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=53440

I invested time and effort to both remedy my issue and to help Netgear inform consumers about the real specifications concerning what they were purchasing. Rather than post the entire story here in this post, I'll let the article I wrote do the talking. Shame on whomever is responsible for not taking action after knowing about an issue for several months and also sticking it to your long time customers.


Let us hope that someone at Netgear reads these forums and decides to do the right thing. This item is still being sold by some who have inventory and is also in the resale market.

Happy holidays to everyone.
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Re: Shame on Netgear & ReadyNAS

After previous fiasco's with Netgear products (my rants are legendary on the killing of the Entertainer Pro 9150 mid-life not long after shelling out $300 for it. Beta-testing was a farce!!), and them bringing out replacement Routers BEFORE fixing the currents ones (R6300), I am always wary of Netgear products.
I have just dusted off one of my ageing SPARC-powered ReadyNAS Duo's, noticed there was yet again a new firmware, which impressed me greatly. I was starting to feeling all warm and fuzzy towards Netgear again.
I was actually feeling that buying a replacement for this godly piece of equipment from Netgear might actually be a good idea...
...now I'm not so sure.
Netgear have a habit of doing this - from the early 10/100 hubs that would not play happily with other more expensive network components, to skirting around compatibility and firmware issues (this is all PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and may not be the case across all products), it leaves me with a feeling of risk when buying Netgear products: certainly the newer ones anyway.
I originally bought the two DUO's as I could not afford anything else, and to be honest, they have been one of the best pieces of kit I have ever bought.
So Netgear, why, WHY would you dump a faster processor for an older one? Especially if that seems to be a bit of a sneaky move?
If it is for a valid technical reason, such as a fault with the faster processor?
Please post your reasons.

I think I might go all-eggs-in-one-basket now. I have been using another companology's products for the past three years now as the the Netgear NAS's were way to expensive for the capacity then available, so I went with them.
I need a small and cheap NAS, but do I buy Netgear after reading this?
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Re: Shame on Netgear & ReadyNAS

As described in the linked thread it has minimal impact on performance and some of the cost savings could be passed on, enabling NetGear to reduce the price of the Ultra 2.
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Re: Shame on Netgear & ReadyNAS

mdgm wrote:
As described in the linked thread it has minimal impact on performance and some of the cost savings could be passed on, enabling NetGear to reduce the price of the Ultra 2.

I might agree with you if they listed the unit with the right processor. But by failing to make any mention that they downgraded the processor it reeks of dishonesty.
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