Strange Ultra 4+ Issue


Strange Ultra 4+ Issue

I am having my first real problem with a ReadyNAS device. It started when i was replacing the final 2 3TB Seagate drives to 4TB ones (the Hitachi ones from the HCL for the Ultra 4+). I had replaced disks 1 and 2 with Seagate 4TB drives (not from HCL .... oops) a few months earlier without issue. I replaced drive 3 and it went to sync which it seemed to complete but then when it went to expand the volume Disk 1 (that had been reporting increasing ATA errors but not many - a few hundred) failed and was quickly followed by Disk 2. I immediately thought that it was because they were not on the HCL so i ordered another 2 4TB ones (Hitachi from the HCL). I tried many ways of getting it back up and it would come up for a while but then fail and report the volume was dead as disks 1&2 were dead. Upon receiving the 2 new 4TB HCL disks i cloned both disks 1 & 2 and this seemed to work. I then thought i would go back to replacing disk 3 and once again it failed. I now have the ReadyNas saying that everything is on Disk 1 (2,3 & 4 are dead, 3 doesnt even show as being in the volume anymore). RaidAR shows all disks green (volume yellow) with 2,3 and 4 saying that they are running at 0 degrees. I have been running a backup of everything on Disk 1 to an external USB drive for a couple of days but that is almost finished and i want to try and get the whole device up and running again. How do i do this, are these disks dead, they seem to work fine in an external caddy connected to a PC. Is this a hardware failure rather than a drive failure. Does the NAS need reset. Although i have a backup im not massively keen to bin everything and try and setup the RAID from stratch again. I just dont understand why disks 2,3 and 4 are running at 0 degrees and that they are all marked as dead. 2 and 3 are weeks old (same as disk 1).

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated
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Re: Strange Ultra 4+ Issue

Do you have a spare disk other than the 4 drives inside your NAS? I suggest that you factory reset your NAS using a spare disk then re-insert your existing 4 drives accordingly to their original bays and check if same problem will occur.

What is the current firmware of your NAS?
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Re: Strange Ultra 4+ Issue

What firmware are you running?
Are you using Xraid or flexraid?
So you can you access all of your data and back it up? You say you have aback up but your are also backing up disk 1, not sure I understand?
If this is the case then at least 3 of the disks must be working.

If you can backup your data then do so, then power down and thoroughly test all 4 disks with vendor tools:

If they are all ok then insert them, factory default with all disks in then restore your data from backup.

I must point out that a few hundred ata errors is a lot. There are some who would replace a drive that had 1 ata error. You should have replaced that drive before drive 3 as a resync will often cause vulnerable drives to fail completely. Were there also other errors in the smart data? If you decide to use drives with errors then you must have robust backups (as you should always)

Back it up. Use UPS.
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