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Streaming MKV's to a PS3


Streaming MKV's to a PS3

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to find someone who can stream MKV's from there ReadyNAS Pro 6 to their PS3. I get that it's no drama streaming video that the PS3 supports, but does the Pro6 have the grunt to transcode 720p / 1080p on the fly? I know the lower spec models won't have the horsepower to transcode.

Or even better, can it just swap the container on the fly, so it isn't doing a lossy transcode before sending it on?

And what program do you use?

If it can't I'll just get the Ultra 6 and use the savings to buy a media player that can play native MKV's. I don't want to have to manually convert things before I watch them.

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Re: Streaming MKV's to a PS3

There is an Playstation 3 media Server add-on somewhere on the forum, it works pretty well. You'll have to install the Java and MPlayer addons as well.
An old version can be found here but I think super-poussin was planning to update it to a newer version (seeing his last post in the topic).

The PMS addon will then change your mkv files to a container suitable for the ps3.
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Re: Streaming MKV's to a PS3

Hmmm... Saw that, but there seem to be a fwe issues still. I might wait until this new version comes out. I notice it's not included in the more offical list from netgear on the community addons page. Reliability of the NAS is important, and I am wary of addons that might stuff up my actual file storage.

Does Plex work with the PS3?
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