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Re: Using Backup between RN104 and RN422 (Cannot conect to Host)


Using Backup between RN104 and RN422 (Cannot conect to Host)

Hi All,


I am trying to use the simple Backup from a ReadyNAS RN104 to an RN422.

Previously back in 2018 this worked flawlessly from an RN312 to the RN104 I have now, but I have recently purchased the RN422 and have a lot of data to backup to the new NAS.


Both drives are on the same subnet 192.168.1.xx range and both devices can be descovered and connect to without issue, so no problem with connectivity. Both drives are almost configered in setup identically (Save for the hostnames of the NAS, IPs etc)


However when I select the RN422 as the remote NAS, it is discovered by hostname but when I click the "Browse" button to select the Folder I want to back up to I get an error "Cannot connect to host. Operation Error". It is the same if I enter the IP rather than hostname.


This error is the same when I test RN422 -> RN104 as well. 


This is just simple SMB backup that I say worked flawlessly back in 2018 when I backed up an RN312 to the RN104. Actually I did not have to change any settings in the RN104 in order to have the RN312 backup to it, I just chose Browse on the remote NAS (RN104), created a new Folder on the RN104 and off the backup went.


I am looking for solutions and if anyone else has this problem because backup (copying through Windows from one NAS to the other is not an option).



Thanks in advance



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Re: Using Backup between RN104 and RN422 (Cannot conect to Host)

Are you trying to back up the home folders, or a share?


FWIW, I use rsync (and not SMB) for NAS to NAS backups.  But SMB should work.  One possibility is that the share on the RN422 requires credentials that you haven't added in the RN104 backup job. 


One thing you can try is running the backup on the RN422, and selecting the RN104 share as the remote source.


Generally NAS backup is more reliable when you use IP addresses and not host names.





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Re: Using Backup between RN104 and RN422 (Cannot conect to Host)


Thanks for your reply.

I was getting around to updating this thread.

The cause of my issue is the RAX120 is blocking access to the host.
Upon connecting my Orbi to test, I have no issues with the backup now.

A case has been raised regarding RAX120 with the engineering team.
I hope to update in due course if anyone else is experiencing the same with regards to RAX120.

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