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Warning on FIRMWARE 6.10.5


Warning on FIRMWARE 6.10.5

I just downloaded this Firmware tonight and it screwed everything up!!!!  Most all of my apps running. 

#1 Docker CE CLI.  Installing this firmware update removes that app.  Of course once it removes that, all your apps running in DOCKER no longer work!!!!


It seems to screw up PLEX along with Tautulli.   

Luckily I downloaded the firmware 6.10.4 and manually installed that.  Shortly after it installed Hotfix 1.  I changed Update to Long Term Support.


I tried to reinstall Docker CLI from the apps area, the icon was not there.  It failed.  My Docker apps were not working.  So I went back to 6.10.4.   Then I was able to install Docker CLI once again.  But my Docker apps were still not running.  It seems it disabled all that also.  I have all my config files for my Docker apps saved.  So it was back to redownloading them, and going through the process and starting them backup.  I didn't lose any of those app settings.  So that was all good.  PLEX didn't seem to know my PLEX media server.  It also didn't seem to want to play anything.  It was just a busy signal, waiting.  So I reinstalled PLEX and now it seems to be working once again.


If you use PLEX, you may be able to get it working under 6.10.5.  I didn't care at that point with DOCKER being the biggest issue!!!  This is really the best way to install Apps on your NAS. Why it's not built into ReadyNAS OS???  Becuase the app store is basically a joke.  It opens up a huge world of app's when you can get them in Docker format and not screw up your NAS trying to SSH manually install apps the OLD WAY!!!


Advoid 6.10.5 if you do these things.  Will it get fixed?!?!?!  If it's already to late, you can go back.  As far back as 6.10.0.  Should be no need to go back that far.  Go download 6.10.4 and manually install and fix your NAS.


Model: RN51600|ReadyNAS 516 6-Bay Diskless
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Re: Warning on FIRMWARE 6.10.5

Getting Help from tech, this is what you need to do.  Log into your NAS, go to Available Apps, and search for "Kernal Plus". This update is gor 6.5.0+. This adds the missing stuff needed on the backend for Docker.  Why I didn't have any issues until installing 6.10.5 from 6.10.4?  Strange.  I'm going to assume something was removed on the .1 update. 


Anyway, I installed this App.  It shows up with all the other apps.  Then I went ahead, when back to updates Stable version.  Then Check for updates, it once again found 6.10.5.  Installed it.  Then had a quick panic as my Docker Apps stopped working.  Went back to the NAS apps and it was showing Docker turned off.  So I turned it back ON and everything was once again working.    So good to good with 6.10.5!!!


Installing apps using Docker is so much easier then the old ways of doing things when there's no easy .deb file for the ReadyNAS.  It really does open up the world of apps you can use.  If you don't like it, it's easy to remove.  You still have to SSH into your NAS, but far, far, far less work.  Once you figure out hoe to install 1 app, it's much easier to do the next one.  It's all pretty simular.  I use a app on my Windows desktop called SmarTTY to SSH into my ReadyNAS 516.  I learned how to use Docker enough to make do.  I have 3 Docker apps installed and running currently, with plans to install a couple more this week.  Tautulli is the first.  A Database program for PLEX.  It was installed in the normal, easy .deb file way.  But the newest version 2.7.3 moved from Python 2 to Python 3.  I tried getting Python 3 working so this app would run.  It wasn't turning out good.  So I'll backup the settings, and delete the app and install the Docker version.  Then I won't have to deal with trying to get Python 3 running.  It'll just work!!!  Just another plus installing apps using Docker.  I think it's even better than VM.  At least for my uses.


Here is a link that gives the Pros and Cons to both VM (Virtual Machines) and Containers (Docker)



You'll see why using Containers, especially on resource-limited NAS to install apps makes a lot of sense.  Just looking what apps there is shown on your NAS to pick from, it's mostly OLD stuff.  Outdated stuff!!!  Most apps don't have a ReadyNAS .deb file to install directly.  It's nice when they do, PLEX and EMBY come to mind,  but most don't, but they almost all have a Docker version these days.  That is why it's really important that DOCKER is working on the ReadyNAS. I could never go back to the old ways of trying to get an app working and end up mangling my NAS in the process.


If you need a little help, let me know.

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Re: Warning on FIRMWARE 6.10.5, All is now good with an app install. Installing apps with Docker!!!

So  I got Tautulli running in DOCKER on my ReadyNAS 516.  After I backed up the Database and config file from the App version I had installed, which I couldn't update as it needed Version 3.0+ of Python to work.  Instead of dealing with that.   I installed Tautulli using Docker.  It was really pretty EASY.  THe only thing I didn't realize as first is the port number changed for the Docker version.   It went from 3034 to 8181.  So changed ports in the browser, there it was ready to go though the setup.  Did that and then Restored the Config file and the Database file.  You want to backup both so you can install both.   Looking in settings, it shows Python 3.8.10.  


It really was a snap to get installed and running.   They give you the example file for the CLI version of Docker.  Changed a few things for my NAS and time zone, and BAM.  Had my setup file.  Which after you figure out how to do it with one app, you can bascially use simular settings for other apps.  May just have to change a line or 2 and the name of the app.  


The one Negative is you can't update the app in the app anymore.  That doesn't work.  So you go and SSH into your drive.  Shut the app down, delete the container.  do a new pull of the app and it'll get all the new files and do it's thing.  Run another setup config file. I keep a copy of all my Docker app config files in a simple text file.  I cut out the one I need, paste it into the SSH window, build a new container, and run it once again.  It may sound harder then it really is.  I can do it pretty fast.  You do it a few times and you pick it up.    


The point is, I didn't really have to Install Tautulli the old way. Didn't have to install with a ReadyNAS .deb file like you see in the App store on the NAS.  I didn't have to update Python to a newer version to make Tautulli run.  Because Docker gets what I need and puts it into the container so that the app will run.  


I had someone else inform me about Docker as I had no idea.  But trying to find anyone talking about it here and using it on the ReadyNAS was pretty limited.  I had some issues at first the stopped me for the first couple weeks until I figured out what I was doing wrong.  It was a directory issue.  Once I figured that out, it was full steam ahead.  


If you don't know what Tautulli is. It is used with PLEX.  If  you don't use PLEX, you don't need it.  If you do, it's a great program.  It used to be called PlexPy.  You can find more info about it here.  Tautulli 


This is where info on the Docker version of Tautulli is at.  Tautulli Docker 


Docker opens up the world in apps you could be running on your ReadyNAS!!!  Seems like there is a Docker version of an App for everything these days.

Model: RN51600|ReadyNAS 516 6-Bay Diskless
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Re: Warning on FIRMWARE 6.10.5, All is now good with an app install. Installing apps with Docker!!!

Yes, several folks have tried and failed to get Netgear to realize what a plus it would be if they would make Docker a part of the OS or an official app that can be loaded by those who want to use it.  I have yet to see a complete "Installing Docker on ReadyNAS for dummies" article, which would help.  But since OS updates have been known to break it, it would be better if it were officially adopted by Netgear so their OS update testing also tests it and updates it as necessary.


There is a thread in the idea exchange here REALLY-implement-Docker-on-ReadyNAS that has garnered few kudos.  More might help push Netgear to realize what a boost Docker would give to the product line, or at least the ones with sufficient memory and CPU power.

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