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XRAID expansion


XRAID expansion

Hi everyone, looking for some guidance here. I have a RN214 with two 4TB HDD configured at RAID1 right now. I still have around 3TB of space left on the HDD but know that I'll eventually use up the 4TB. 


My NAS is currently running X-RAID so my understanding is that if i put in more 4TB drives, it will automatically reconfigure to RAID5 (please correct me if this is not true). My question is, can I actually wait until the current 4TB is used up before buying/installing more HDDs for expansion? My concern is that if I fill the 4TB and turns out I have to reformat ALL the drives when I expand, I'll need to somehow find a way to store the current 4TB of data off the NAS, then somehow put the files back onto the reformatted drives. 


Is there any advantage for me to get two extra 4TB drives now? Or I should just wait as memory should get cheaper overtime?


Thanks for all the help. 

Model: RN21400|ReadyNAS 214 Series 4- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: XRAID expansion

I realized I posted this in the wrong section, can someone please delete? thanks. 

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Re: XRAID expansion

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