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continuous 24/7 harddisk activity


continuous 24/7 harddisk activity

The harddisks of my Readynas 312 are showing continuous harddisk activity. This allready is going on now for 4 days in a row. Live scan of the antivirus scanner is enabled for all shares. Also I don't use any time or memory consuming multimedia apps. Also the logs are not showing any errors or warnings
I wonder if this continuous activity behaviour is normal (I don't think so myself) or what the reason for this behaviour can be?

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Re: continuous 24/7 harddisk activity

If it is a 'spin down' during periods of inactivity that you are waiting for you won't see this happen until 6.x RAIDiator (the newschool NAS firmware) supports it.

I am pretty keen to see it added to the code myself (it feels right) but it seems that keeping a drive spinning causes and starting and stopping it both cause wear to the drive. I bought a 312 today on the basis that 'it would be OK' and that I suspect Netgear will sort out drive spin-down within a fairly reasonable time frame. They have been pretty responsive over the whole time I have had my ReadyNAS Duo (nearly 5 years).

As mdgm has said in these forums, spin-down has to be done right not fast. Half right sleep states have caused me more trouble than just about anything else on computers.

FWIW: If it your NAS is idle while you are at work or asleep try scheduling your it some sleep time 🙂
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