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migrate disk array from a RN615 to RN628


migrate disk array from a RN615 to RN628

I currently have a RN615 /w 6 x 6tb drives.

is it possible to move the drives to a RN628 8 bay ulimate with out having to do a full rebuild of the array?


Model: RN628X|ReadyNAS 628X - Ultimate Performance Business Data Storage - 8-Bay
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Re: migrate disk array from a RN615 to RN628

Yes, moving from an Intel to another Intel based system is very easy.  It is recommended that you first install a spare drive to initialize the new unit and verify it has the same firmware version.  Then, power down, remove the spare drive, move the drives from one to the other with power off on both machines, maintaining the same drive order.  Then just power up the new system and you'll be back where you were.  If you have been relying on a reserved IP address in your router, remember that the new NAS will grab another.

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